Frequently Asked Questions

What size threading and adapter do the convenience canisters use?

The threading on the cylinder of R410a, R404a R422B, R421a and Nitrogen is a standard 1/4” SAE. Hydrocarbons cans has a 7/16″ fitting.


Can I use convenience cans to freeze something?

Our products are designed solely for the purpose of recharging HVAC systems. No other use is approved.


Does the listed weight include the weight of the cylinder?

The listed weight is the weight of the refrigerant inside the can. The actual weight will be slightly higher than listed.


Does this product contain reclaimed refrigerant or is it 100% virgin?

All Chem Penn refrigerants are 100% virgin refrigerant.


Does your UV-Dye work on residential HVAC systems?

Our R410a with UV-Dye is designed for residential use.

If you cannot find the answer to your question above please feel free to contact us directly through email or phone.